Facebook rolls out dark mode for Messenger: Here's how you can activate it

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Social networking large Facebook has unrolled the dark mode for its Messenger app for a few of its users, the corporate declared during a journal post. "After a month-long Easter Egg activation with unnumberable crescent moon emojis, we have a tendency to square measure excited to announce that everybody round the world are going to be ready to activate dark mode in Messenger with a straight forward on-off switch from settings. The toggle is rolling out globally nowadays," same Facebook. so as to activate it, follow these steps:

* Open Facebook Messenger app
head to Settings
* Toggle on dark mode

Facebook claims that Messenger's dark mode "provides lower brightness whereas maintaining distinction and Vibrance."

Earlier in the weekit absolutely was reportable that Facebook is functioning on merging Facebook and therefore the Messenger app. App man of science Jane Manchun Wong has tweeted a screenshot of the Facebook feed which will have the Messenger  icon on the highest right corner, however rather than acting as a crosscut to the Messenger app -- that it will currently -- it'll open a section of chat among the Facebook app.

There is no confirmation from Facebook on this issue to this pointhowever if it will happen, it'll be a transparent move within the direction for Mark Zuckerberg's interest to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook into a unified platform to ascertain full management over the various divisions of his company, as reportable by The New York Times.

Recently, it absolutely was reportable that Facebook is functioning on adding 'quote and reply' feature within the Messenger app. This feature can modify the users to quote and reply to explicit messages during a spoken language. The similar reasonably feature is already gift in Facebook-owned WhatsAppso as to use the feature, the users have to be compelled to long-press on the text to that they need to reply so faucet on the 'reply' icon.
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